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Maplecroft Villages are a network of fully serviced work-life facilities suited to the needs of the individual, providing flexible working on your terms, offering you greater choice about where, when and how you work.
When we say flexible working, we mean really adaptable. You can literally drop into Maplecroft Village and use hotdesks or a private office by the hour, day, week or longer term. No commitment. Pay-as-you-go. Then, take advantage of our other services and facilities as you require them. Suits you?
Your requirements may be more suited to packaged deals for 1 month or longer. If your business is growing too fast to accommodate the space you currently use, if you have a project requiring extra capacity, or if it is simply not practical to work from home, Flexidesk @ Maplecroft Village can be the ideal solution. Flexidesk can expand or contract to suit your needs. Suits you?
A home for your office Combining the comfort and flexibility of home, with the services and support of an office, Maplecroft Village is a one-stop-shop solution for our visitors, who include:
  • Commuters who would like to work closer to home
  • Home-workers who would like to get out of the house
  • People on-the-road who would like a place to call home
  • Anyone who would like a little infrastructure

More than just serviced offices. Maplecroft Villages also offer a range of lifestyle amenities, such as fitness facilities and childcare provided by local partner organizations.
Become a Maplecroft Villager and put the quality back in your life oof
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