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Large corporations are increasingly addressing the demand for flexible working practices. In part this is a response to recent government policy on flexible working for parents and is supported by a recent survey by the Institute for Employment Research (2000) who identify a latent demand for flexible working to improve the work/life balance of employees.

Companies have adopted solutions such as flexi-time, compressed time, reduced hours or working from home. Recent research by the Labour Force Survey suggests an increasing number of people are working from home, but it is not without its drawbacks. The company facilities management team are not on hand to deal with any problems that may arise and technical problems can quickly erode any motivational benefit to be gained from cutting out the commute to the company office. Similarly, home offices rarely have access to resources such as high speed internet connections, secure server access, or heavy-duty applications such as CAD systems or DTP packages.

People working from home can soon miss the office banter and social stimulation, and although they might rarely miss the office politics, information passed on through the grapevine can often forearm people and prevent embarrassing gaffs.

FlexiDesk is a new concept addressing the reciprocal needs of both the corporation and its staff.

It may only be necessary for a desk, laptop port and high-speed secure connection to your company’s servers. On the other hand, if secretarial services, call handling, messaging, faxing and phoning were required, these too are available.

The company can be sure that the FlexiDesk team will be on hand to deal with any technical problems which may arise, unlike when things go wrong in home-offices.

The comfortable professional surroundings of Maplecroft Village provides the ideal environment to keep people motivated, and our 24 hour accessibility ensures that your company’s clients can be assured of a professional service, whatever their time zone.

The logistics of meetings can take up valuable time and resources, so why not use our videoconferencing facilities or arrange one of our meeting rooms at a location convenient to all your delegates.

FlexiDesk, at Maplecroft Villages, can provide your staff with an office close to their home. FlexiDesk facilities and services can be used hourly, daily, weekly or longer-term on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis.





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