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for small businesses


The advantages of using serviced offices have been realised by many and supported by the findings of research by the Chartered institute of Purchasing and Supply which found that companies with 10 people could save 80% over 1 month and 44% over 12 months by using a serviced office rather than leasing their own office space. Savings were even higher for smaller companies.

FlexiDesk offers small businesses a tailor-made package to help them cope with the challenge of facilitating:

  • extra staff to cope with the increased demand for their services or product, yet find it difficult to accommodate them
  • in the process of moving to bigger offices, yet still need to operate fully during this process
  • the flexibility to expand at busy times of the year

In all of these, FlexiDesk can help by providing:

  • hotdesks by the hour, the day, the week or longer.
  • high speed internet access, email, data storage, secure access to your company’s servers.
  • Call handling, messaging, faxing, full secretarial services
  • meeting and conference facilities.

FlexiDesk allows you to increase your space and capacity, without the risk associated with leasing bigger offices or investing in building a greater technological infrastructure.

You are able to control the costs through our flexible terms and conditions. Unlike other serviced offices, FlexiDesk can be used as a drop-in facility or arranged for a time period to suit you and your business needs.





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Our Village Green philosophy of social and environmental responsibility is central to Maplecroft Villages.
Many people are striving to restore their work/life balance and reduce energy-consuming commuting.
Maplecroft Villages has a supply chain policy that maximises the use of similarly committed companies and products. oof
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